Even if you know what's coming, you're never prepared for how it feels.
School ripped the passion I had for writing out of my soul and buried it in a pile of shit a million miles away. And that’s the thing - school is meant to make you flourish - it’s supposed to reach deep into your mind and fill your head with passion, knowledge, education. Yet I spend my nights with my overused notebook open, pages seeping with endless memories and turmoil suffered over the years, and I am afraid that if I write something incorrectly, I’ll get a bad grade. My mind has been corrupted by an infinite amount of stimulus and criteria, so much so that I can’t even write one, simple word. I can’t write about my own experiences, my own pain or my own happiness. School has fucked me so many times. I lack passion and the desire to live. I’ll never be the person to say that school handed me the best years of my life. It’s stolen my life.
- An Eager Year 12 Student (via prelovers)

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I looked pretty stupid staring at you, but I couldn’t care less. I was so fixated on the small oval pools glistening on your face. They encapsulated a perfect ring of gold, with a surrounding ocean speckled with soft green leaves. To be honest, I’m yet to encounter such beautiful eyes.

A warm sensation then washed over me, that was when I discovered the effect your smile could have. Your smile stretched across a wide bridge, and as I crossed it, I encountered the friendliest words my ears have had the pleasure of hearing. They swallowed me with kindness and left nothing but butterflies and red cheeks.

Suddenly, ripples of laughter filled the surrounding air, I then realised I’d completely disregarded your question, or whatever it was you had said. Instead, my precious time was spent learning the curve of your face. To this day, I’m so grateful I ignored your words and instead memorised your beauty.

- I miss you (via entangled-thoughts)

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